Daina Tribble (Badaina) is DJ/Producer who moved to Calgary from Northern Alberta at the age of 6. Daina joined Voxbox Studios where she learned the art of DJ’ing in 2010, and has been playing at nightclubs, events and establishments all over the city since.

Daina has been influenced heavily by music since a young age and has been playing at many nightclubs around the city including Habitat Living Sound, Republic, Hifi, Commonwealth, and the Night Owl. She continues to spread her love of underground house and techno throughout the city.

Daina’s passion for soulful melodies and driving basslines is very apparent at her live shows where she never fails to deliver rhythmic vibes that keep crowds dancing all night long. Daina’s first EP with Jake-Tech (UK) was released in early 2016 on LB recordings, and since has had releases on Fett Recordings, 1980 Recordings, and a Strictly Deep ADE Compilation.

Having played alongside various artists such as Collette, DJ Heather, DJ Dan, The Funk Hunters, Smalltown DJ’s, Mark Williams, Jay Nice, Isis Graham, Krystle Love B, and many other local artists. Daina’s name and reputation are becoming widely recognized around the city as a season vet guaranteed to captivate and keep any party dancing.

Break Releases

Badaina – Patiacitas (Original Mix)