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Break Label: Season 2 continues this week with “Badmind” by Rastabreaks. In this weeks mix catch a preview of the upcoming Break track “Rejectamenta” by Michael Muranaka, as well as Michael Muranaka’s remix of David Hornby’s “Closing Avenues” coming soon on Twisted Recordings. Also be on the lookout for the newest branch of Twisted Recordings: Twisted Techno!


1. Rejectamenta (Second Edit) by Michael Muranaka
2. End Of Discussion (Original Mix) by Joey Daniel, Rub A Dub
3. Trailblazer (Original Mix) by Simina Grigoriu
4. Gypsy Bounce (Original Mix) by Craig & Grant Gordon
5. Freak Flag (Original Mix) by Adrian Adonis, Black Asteroid
6. Movement (Original Mix) by Klaudia Gawlas
7. The Light That Never Was (Original Mix) by Deepbass
8. Closing Avenues (Muranaka Mix) by Dave Hornby

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